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Internet reflects on Turner Field as the end draws near

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Some of the most defining attractions at Braves games weren’t actually the game itself

With one of the worst records in the Major Leagues, the final Braves season at Turner Field is drawing to a disappointing close. Only about a dozen more home games remain at The Ted.

And while some may argue this dismal season is karma, compliments of the Braves' pending exodus to SunTrust Park, what may be most distressing is that intown Atlanta’s claim to having a Major League Baseball team is technically gone — and thanks for reminding us of that, Thrillist.

Along with that disheartening tidbit, Thrillist concocted a list of things that Atlantans will miss most about the Ted. (Sports Illustrated took a similar but more eloquently sentimental route two years ago). While some of the list is filled with snarky jabs (wayward Hank Aaron statue, anyone?), it also exhumes nostalgia any visitor to the park should appreciate.

When the ballpark lights are shut off for good on the night of Oct. 2, the team will leave behind not only a stadium filled with memories of National League championships, but also a 50-year legacy that started just across the street from Turner Field. After all, Mechanicsville has been — for better or worse — the home to the Braves since their relocation from Milwaukee.

While the sentimentality and historic relics of the two past Braves stadiums can’t be duplicated in Cobb County, other mementos will make SunTrust Park feel a bit like home. The large Chic-fil-A cow, which has stood above the outfield for years, is making the move northward, as will after-game concerts.

From a practicality perspective, it’s clear a few things will be greatly missed. Two examples: MARTA access (well, plus shuttle) to the games and the ability to bring in food from home — or Publix, because nothing says baseball like a Pub Sub.

So what else will you miss about Turner Field?

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