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All the 'cool' people are heading to Atlanta these days, website claims

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Is Atlanta really a magnet for hipness — and if so, why?

The City of Atlanta is great and millennials want to live here — well, in the greater metro, anyway.

But a new article on Matador Network makes a pretty bold claim: "Everyone cool and creative is heading to Atlanta." While the flattery is nice and all, the list does little to highlight what is attracting this so-called "cool" contingent, instead pointing out some overarching metrics that are demonstrative of urban growth and regeneration more universally.

Among the claims are things like "there’s plenty of space to let your creative mind go wild," and "there’s no shortage of literature," but does that really mean that Atlanta is cool. Sure, artsy-fartsy folks love the Goat Farm, and for book nerds the Decatur Book Festival is top notch, but in reality, a lot of cities have quirky (some would say niche) venues and events like those.

Other factors that make the list include Atlanta's robust music scene, the burgeoning movie filming business, and, simply, DragonCon. Noticeably absent are equally cool things like the food scene, natural amenities, professional and collegiate sports teams, etc.

While it may all be a bit of a PR bit "presented in partnership with Visit Atlanta," the article does bring up the question: Is Atlanta really cool? And if so, is it our graffitied walls, Y’allywood status, and social media savvy that make it? Or are those merely manifestations of Atlanta’s awesomeness?