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Rents near Georgia Dome comparatively cheaper than other NFL venues

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But, could Mercedez-Benz Stadium, Hard Rock be game-changers?

A recent study by Rent Cafe found that apartment rentals located near 23 of the NFL’s 31 stadiums were at least 5 percent higher than the overall rents in those cities — and up to 70 percent higher at one stadium.

Rent near the Georgia Dome, however, wasn’t quite so dramatically high, with prices being around 18 percent higher than the city average. That puts Atlanta's stadium at the bottom of the below rent-spike graphic, above only San Diego, where rents are pretty high everywhere.

Nationally, on average, rents located within a two-mile radius of NFL stadiums are 16 percent higher. Depending on the venue location and population density in the area, some football stadiums score more rent than others in their vicinity.

A news release from Rent Cafe calls the areas between downtown and Vine City (with costs of $1,485/month as opposed to a citywide average of $1,261) "almost reasonable given the prime location."

Though, it certainly begs the question: Rents near Atlanta's NFL coliseum are comparatively minuscule, but with all the downtown development in the pipeline, will they always be?

Close by, there’s the Hard Rock Hotel, for instance.

After years of discussion, and plans once derailed by the Great Recession, Atlanta appears to finally getting one. According to Atlanta magazine, the hip chain hopes to break ground on the 220-room property in Castleberry Hill sometime this year.

And, of course, Mercedez-Benz Stadium could be a game-changer for rental costs. Especially if it activates the surrounding area as promised and promised (and promised again).

The new home for the Atlanta Falcons as well as Atlanta United soccer, the futuristic stadium will open in 2017 to replace the adjacent Georgia Dome. Expect hundreds if not thousands of nearby hotel rooms to follow.

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