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‘Atlanta’s Great Gatsby House’ sells for whopping $7.2M

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Built with Coca-Cola money, dreamy Villa Juanita has unique history

Villa Juanita — that sprawling neo-Spanish estate built in 1924 with barrels of Coca-Cola money in Buckhead — has just sold for $7.2 million.

The bad news? The buyer’s identity has not yet been disclosed.

And that sucks because the history of ownership here is so dang interesting, it’s an exercise in futility pretending not to care.

Case in point: The most recent owner was an Australian-born billionaire and box-making baron. The original owner of the 10,000-square-foot Tuxedo Park estate was Coca-Cola heir Conky Whitehead, who built the place.

Coined by the listing agent, "Atlanta’s Great Gatsby House," the dreamy dwelling is located beside the Governor’s Mansion. It has four bedrooms (weirdly), five bathrooms, two half-bathrooms, and a monstrous 7.3 acres.

Included on the sprawling Villa Juanita property: pools, gardens, and walking trails throughout the forest. When Whitehead built the place, he clearly wanted privacy, as evidenced by the 10-foot walls encircling the grounds.

Agent Ben Hirsh of Hirsh Real Estate originally listed the iconic estate in May 2016 at $7.7 million, and it lasted a total of 113 days on the market. The selling price makes it the second-highest sale of the year in Buckhead.

It’s also the seventh most expensive sale of all time for a home in Buckhead, according to FMLS and public records.

More from Hirsh: "The estate has captured the hearts and imagination of Buckhead residents for nearly 100 years. And, yes, the 94-year- old legendary property will remain intact and be better than ever. Out of several interested and qualified buyers we sold to the best possible buyer. They will enhance the estate, preserve it for future generations, and become the steward of the jewel that it is."

For a little deeper history on Villa Juanita, have a gander at our original post on the listing from earlier this year.