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Welcome to Curbed Atlanta’s Micro Week, Starting Now!

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A weeklong celebration of all things tiny in the ATL


Atlanta was a town built on BIG — big houses, big yards, big interstates to get you there — but in recent years, Atlantans have shown fanatical interest in all things tiny, whether out of necessity or because they want to prove Portlandia wrong.

Decatur recently held a tiny home festival. All over Atlanta, sub-600-square-foot apartments are popping up like morels. An entire village of tiny houses is proposed just south of town in East Point.

The proliferation of microdwellings over the last few years is definitely a trend (some would say an enduring trend), thanks in part to Atlanta's skyrocketing land and housing costs.

For all those reasons —and — let's face it — because it's fun, —Curbed kicks off its second-annual Micro Week right now. That's right, five days of stories, photos, and minuscule floorplans that celebrate the grand, newish tradition of small-space living. Expect us to tour some wee homes (some inexpensive; some defiantly pricey), explore the city's smallest neighborhood, crunch the numbers on where to find (or avoid?) the tiniest apartments, share tiny-centric maps, and so much more.

Weeks like these present an excellent opportunity for reader involvement. If you've got something to say — whether it's about your love for your very small Atlanta abode, or perhaps tips on how to effectively live in a studio apartment that clocks in under 500 square feet — please, drop an email to

Without further ado, let's get this little party started.