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Booming with adaptive-reuse, Westside Atlanta could soon get a hotel

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Rezoning application hints at accommodation near the end of 10th Street

West Midtown has quickly transformed from an industrial area dominated by factories and warehouses to one of Atlanta's hippest neighborhoods, bustling with adaptive-reuse developments.

But while residences, retail, restaurants, and even offices are multiplying in the neighborhood renaissance, the successes of the area have really been for locals; Westside is isolated from the core of the city by rail yards and, given the area's former use, there isn't much in the way of lodging.

Records indicate that that could change.

Last month, a rezoning request was filed by a developer to construct a hotel on Brady Avenue, at the western terminus of Tenth Street. The site, adjacent to the under-construction Stockyards, provides easy access to neighbors like the Westside Provisions District and Terminal West.

Fillings indicate the name could be Brady Hotel. Which sounds quite boutique-y.

We reached out to the party listed on the rezoning request, but have not gotten a response. Expect more details if they come.