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Dated Peachtree Street office set for major overhaul

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Three-story Midtown building near 17th Street to undergo revamp

The northern end of Midtown (NoMo?) has remained relatively untouched in the last few year, even as Midtown south of Colony Square has seen explosive high-rise development.

Though the area — dominated by decades-old offices which came soon after the development of Colony Square to the south — isn't entirely feeling the squeeze of density, there is a trend emerging: overhauls of old buildings as a means of keeping up with the Joneses.

The latest building destined for a spruce-up is 1372 Peachtree St., sandwiched between Midtown Plaza and an old house-turned-office at 17th Street. Built in 1960, the structure is rather diminutive compared to many of its high-rise neighbors, with just three stories and a total of 39,000 square feet, according to Midtown Alliance.

Long vacant, the building isn’t much of a looker from the street. Permits indicate the work will be extensive, however, leaving just the "foundation and exterior walls" untouched.

According to a source familiar with the building, work will get underway Tuesday to gut the place in preparation for a complete re-envisioning.

The design staff at ASD — a group behind countless high-end corporate renovations — will oversee the transformation.