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East of Atlanta, ‘In the Heat of the Night’ home for sale

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Covington dwelling has 4,452 square feet, gorgeous backyard, TV glory

Happen to be a fan of "In the Heat of the Night?" A big enough fan to pack up and move half an hour east to Covington?

Well, if you meet these prerequisites and you’ve got half a million to burn, a future awaits in this 4,452-square-foot dwelling featured in the Emmy-award winning show as Police Chief Bill Gillespie’s house.

The listing agent for the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home says some of her favorite features include original depression glass windows in the front parlors as well as the kitchen.

"It's a kitchen to die for," said agent Mary Ann Varner. "The size of the kitchen with its adjacent sunroom complete that entire section of the home with grandeur and elegance."

Varner adds that "not only does (the home) take you back to the 1880s with its simplicity in style added by such features as its claw-foot tub in the master bath, but it also has a splash of modern with its spectacularly upgraded kitchen."

Built in 1886, the place also has a pretty amazing backyard, anchored by six pecan trees and a nice back porch from which to relax and take it all in.

Overall, it’s the kind of spread that just might make somebody choose life in the 'burbs over ITP convenience. It wouldn't hurt if they're a superfan of the show.