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Bilevel Buckhead penthouse is the antithesis of a tiny home

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Design overhaul at Gallery tower was the work of “an enviable team of masters”

Sure, it might be the second-annual Micro Week in Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean Atlantans should totally deny their residential indulgences. Like sky-high balconies that could comfortably host soirees of 25. Or a two-story, 40-light custom Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Good luck finding that in a repurposed boxcar with a composting toilet.

Perched atop the Gallery condo tower in Buckhead, this bilevel penthouse is so automated it basically operates itself, incorporating technology that heightens "every experience created ... to a new level of wow," in the listing agent’s words.

It debuted in 2007 but has undergone an extensive renovation by "an enviable team of masters," we’re told. It’s an elegant take on modernism, with a floating staircase that hardly impedes views, and a roomy, dynamite kitchen with vistas that don’t quit.

But for 2,625 square feet, it has just two bedrooms and two and 12 bathrooms, which explains why the existing spaces are the antithesis of tiny. It listed this week for $1.99 million.

Last year, this penthouse (with less-alluring listing pics) was on the market for as high as $2.27 million before switching to a $14,000-per-month apartment.