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Tiny houses in Atlanta: What's allowed, and what's not

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For the time being, city residents must settle for tiny-ish


Whether you’re allowed to build that ideal tiny home in Atlanta or not really depends on your definition of "tiny."

City of Atlanta code prohibits the construction of single-family homes that measure less than 750 square feet.

Atlanta magazine has reported that some local governments created restrictions on the minimum size of "dwellings" prior to the burgeoning tiny house movement.

And, elsewhere in the metro area, Gwinnett and DeKalb counties require single-family homes to be at least 1,000 square feet.

That hasn’t stopped certain developers from dreaming. The Eco Cottages at East Point — a whole planned neighborhood of tiny homes — for instance is full-speed-ahead if the website is any indication. It would stand to reason that maybe East Point has more leniency regarding the topic.

For the time being, at least until local codes change, Atlantans can downsize their standalone homes as much as they want — so long as they’re okay with a dwelling that’s tiny-ish as opposed to tiny.