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Wandering around Just Us, Atlanta’s smallest neighborhood

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Now that's an itty-bitty ATL neighborhood

One minuscule triangular park in Just Us.
One minuscule triangular park in Just Us.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta


Of the 242 neighborhoods and 16 "neighborhood areas" officially recognized by the City of Atlanta, the reigning champion of diminutiveness is a pint-sized collection of about 60 homes called Just Us, a nod to its exclusiveness and communal vibe.

Due west of downtown, wedged between Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and the Beltine's Westside Trail, Just Us is so named because it consists of just two streets and a handful of people. Some records indicate the area may have been home to the first African-American subdivision in the city.

Fun facts: Just Us counts two tiny triangular parks, called I and II. The latter is dedicated to President John F. Kennedy, with an eternal gas light flame near a plaque that honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The other park pays homage to Just Us' first president, a humanitarian and educator named Margaret Davis Bowen.

In honor of Micro Week 2016, we wandered the streets of Just Us (didn't take long) and found a tidy community of rolling yards and brick tudors befitting the neighborhood name.