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From Studio Apartments to Tiny Houses, Which Would You Choose?

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When faced with downsizing, there are options in Atlanta. It’s time to decide which is best.


Atlanta, long the land of McMansions and massive apartments, is on the cusp of change.

As the city core gains population, some Atlantans are exploring downsizing as a manageable means to get a piece of the piping-hot intown pie.

The trend in Atlanta’s most dense areas of Buckhead, Midtown, and downtown, has been to go vertical, with small studio units available in new apartment buildings as well as older condos dotting the city. Benefits of joining the dense core as a high-rise dweller often include shared amenities like game rooms, pools, and gyms, as well as walkability to a range of fun things outside your tiny abode.

But it also means living in close quarters with loads of strangers — a tradeoff some folks aren’t willing to make.

For those who like a little slice of solitude, small homes can be hard to come by. Regulations in the city mean that new construction can’t be less than 750 square feet. Though some municipalities are beginning to change the narrative.

So, for those looking to live big by living small, what direction would you go? High-rise amenity-laden haven or small single-family solitude?