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Planned downtown Atlanta tower would devour parking lot

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Courtland Street proposal dubbed “International Plaza”

A proposed upscale hotel project on Courtland Street could be further evidence that downtown Atlanta’s eastern flank is becoming a magnet for investment like the Centennial Olympic Park area.

A 25-story proposal called "International Plaza" is actively leasing, potentially offering the parking-lot-ridden corridor a substantial injection of commercial space and a high-rise with interesting, modern design elements, according to promotional materials. The location, currently occupied by Hertz Car Rental and surface parking, is meant to capitalize on downtown’s draw for sports fans, conventioneers, students, and government types.

The $75-million venture would include a dual-branded hotel with Skybar, 50,000 square feet of retail space (some of it with valet parking), and an integrated parking deck, according to a flyer.

A rep with project wasn’t yet able to share word on a possible groundbreaking or specific tenants.

Should the venture move forward, it wouldn’t be the only large-scale new build in the vicinity. South City Partners has applied for permits to begin work at 120 Piedmont Avenue, where a derelict property will be replaced by 235 units of Georgia State University student housing, positioned about a block west of The Connector.