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For $359K, Atlanta midcentury modern is simple, clean, cool

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Feast your eyes upon a quintessential Northcrest specimen from 1965

Depending on a homebuyer’s level of purism, this 1965 relic in the midcentury-modern hotbed of Northcrest has either been artfully modernized or shamelessly bastardized.

But after seeing how thoughtful updates like the dining room’s sputnik light, sleek vanities, and the stainless range hood commingle with rich tongue-and-groove ceilings and original purple bathroom tile, we’ll venture a guess that sane shoppers will lean toward the former.

The asking price of $359,900 bags four bedrooms (master on main), two and 12 bathrooms, and 2,080 square feet in this swim-tennis community near Spaghetti Junction.

The listing’s probably right on point in calling this property "dripping in style" yet "simple and sweet." When it comes to functionality, maybe the backyard and patio are wanting, but what’s the point in going outside when it’s this cool indoors?