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Atlanta’s mini parks add greenspace, break from urbanity

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While tiny, these spaces bring a bit of nature to the bustle of the city


Atlanta is a city in a forest, shaded by an enviable tree canopy and dotted with iconic parks.

Of course, every Atlantan knows the city’s most beloved parks like Piedmont, Centennial Olympic, and Chastain. But while these parks are workhorses for the city, hosting events and providing a place to do a range of activities, there are countless unsung tiny parks that simply provide a bit of respite from buildings and pavement.

They don’t have to be much: just a simple grassy open space or a cluster of plantings. Mini parks play a vital role in the city, often bringing a bit of green to an area that would otherwise be another monotonous asphalt or concrete expanse.

There are little neighborhood greenspaces like Just Us Parks I and II, celebrating accomplishments made by people from residents to presidents.

There are parks that were designed as part of master planned neighborhoods, envisioned as natural oases for the monied Atlantans that lived in the areas.

There are parks that remain as a reminder of what was formerly there, like Fire Station No 5 Park.

And there are parks that resulted from the reshaping of our city by infrastructure, such as Mayor’s #1 Park, the remnants of a block cleared for the construction of The Connector.

While these may not be the parks that people think about every day, these parks serve a purpose: to bring a little bit of nature to the bustle of the city.

With literally hundreds of mini parks dotting the city, each contributing to their neighborhood, it’s hard to say what parks deserve a little more recognition. In your neighborhood, is there a special little park?