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Up to 200 more jobs uprooting from Atlanta suburbs to Midtown

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Vinings company relocating 150 to 200 employees from other locations

The suburban jobs keep coming to Midtown.

Interface — the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet — announced Wednesday the company plans to combine and relocate its current Vinings headquarters and other regional offices to an adaptive-reuse project at 1280 W. Peachtree St. in Midtown.

The news furthers a growing trend of job relocation from the suburbs to Midtown, with the chief example being the NCR project near Tech Square. That Gwinnett-based company is planning to uproot and bring a whopping 5,300 jobs to the booming intown submarket alone.

According to a news release from Interface, the company chose the site at 1280 W. Peachtree St. "to repurpose existing commercial space rather than build new, to serve as a catalyst for revitalization."

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that Interface will be a tenant in the Parkside Partners development 16th Station. (See image gallery below).

According to a spokesperson from the company’s PR firm, Interface will be relocating between 150 to 200 employees to the new office space, "bringing together employees from three separate campuses."

The spokesperson said Interface will enter the new space in mid-2018.

The company has plans to partner with the global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will to create a facility that aims to "contribute equally to Interface’s internal culture and to that of the city."

The low-rise office building is across the street from green space that is on top of the MARTA Arts Center transit station, providing access to public transportation for current and future employees. The building will undergo a complete renovation with significant attention to the design of the building systems, focusing on its overall carbon footprint, officials said.

The 40,000-square-foot headquarters will include environmentally-friendly features and biophilic design (interior design inspired by nature), aiming to promote the well-being of employees and visitors. Sounds fancy.

Plans for the building exterior are currently under review with The Midtown Alliance to ensure the new design is in keeping with the neighborhood’s redevelopment vision, Blueprint Midtown.

"Moving our global headquarters to Midtown allows us to present our design-focused brand, and to demonstrate our commitment to create innovative workplaces that best support our employees’ needs," said Jay Gould, President and Chief Operating Officer of Interface.

Added Gould: "This new space will help our team work together more collaboratively in a creative and nature-inspired space, as well as provide easier access to the heart of the city and bring the vibrancy of Interface to the city."