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How to make a tiny house from 1920s Atlanta feel wide open

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A revived bungalow of 945 square feet in Riverside


When it comes to Atlanta interior renovations, the naked brick chimney approach isn’t universally adored, but it’s done wonders for the openness of this "upper Westside" bungalow that was tiny way before tiny was cool.

Tucked in the quiet Riverside community, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom abode counts just 945 square feet, but it makes charming use of them, incorporating beautiful original hardwoods throughout.

The home might be diminutive, even by 1920s standards, but the lot’s not, offering enough room for a legit front porch (with swing), private back patio, fire pit, large yard, and storage shed.

Of course, compromises are to be expected, and they come with the puny kitchen island and minimal living-room seating space. Nonetheless, this represents a chance for ITP ownership and a personality-rich property for $224,900.