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Friday open thread: What's the tiniest place you've ever lived, Atlanta?

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Enlighten dwellers of 4,500 square feet as to how more streamlined living is done

During Curbed Atlanta's inaugural Micro Week last year, a local Realtor enthusiastically shared his tale of buying (and falling in love with) a studio in downtown's The Metropolitan building that measured a mere 448 square feet. It was ample space for two professionals who work mostly from home, a cat named Nico, and a rollicking New Year's Eve party, the writer insisted.

Surely he can't be alone.

As we round out Micro Week 2016 coverage, it's time to open the floor to Atlantans who've lived in tiny homes, apartments, and condos that would give McMansion dwellers hives. How was the experience? What was the key to managing tiny life? Would you ever go back?

Along with older, pint-sized housing stock in condo buildings around Virginia-Highland, for instance, micro units have recently popped up in multifamily projects such as Midtown's 131 Ponce de Leon Ave. and Emory Point. At last check, 450-square-foot rentals in Buckhead's The Terminus by Crescent Communities were fetching around $1,200.

So the tiny life is a real thing in the Big Peach. Feel free to share your tales of survival in the comments.