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Downtown’s ‘The Byron’ in progress photos, new renders

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The transformation of former nurses’ housing into upscale residences could change this stretch of Peachtree Street

Peachtree Street between the Fox Theatre and Peachtree Center is often perceived as no-man's land. While technically SONO is part of downtown, the area exists in a vacuum between the bustle of Midtown and the heart of downtown.

But a project in the works is bringing a fresh face and new residences to the area. "The Byron," which was announced last November, is transforming a derelict old nurses’ building and two adjacent 19th-Century storefronts into a mixed-use hub anchored by high-end residences.

According to the project website, construction is 45 percent complete, with move-ins expected in 2017. The Vantage Real Estate and Perennial Properties project could stand out, with a vibrant exterior that's a total departure from the drab 1970s appearance of the past.

The building has been a total gut job, and renderings indicate new finishes will be slick and minimal. That being said, there's likely a lot of artistic license being taken with these renderings, considering the wholly impossible view of the Midtown skyline offered from one of the hypothetical bedrooms.

As this project moves to completion, and if Peachtree-Pine closes as ever-present rumors suggest, one would think this area could be truly magnetic for redevelopment.