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Inside $380K Atlanta home’s simple but dazzling renovation

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How “small adjustments” transformed this traditional property in “Upper Westside”

Around this time last year, Brett Shields and his interior-designer wife scooped up a traditional-style two-story from 2004 on he what calls "the Upper Westside of Atlanta" — that is, the Hills Park neighborhood off Marietta Road, near Crestlawn Cemetery, just south of Buckhead.

The place was totally livable — and thoroughly unremarkable.

A few exotic plants, buckets of bright-white (and midnight-blue) paint, two pod swings, one revamped patio, and a couple truckloads of smart furnishings later, the property is a testament to how "small adjustments," as Shields puts it, can make profound differences in the overall feel of a home.

Now ready to move on, Shields recently listed the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property with 2,000 square feet at $379,900.

"We’re selling because we believe this home can be someone else's entry to the Upper Westside area," he wrote via email. "We think this represents the transition that has been and is taking place."

Have a gander at before-and-after pics below: