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Study: where Republicans, Democrats are living in metro Atlanta

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A political party buyer’s guide for metro Atlanta, with a few (somewhat) surprising findings

Still fuming from/flummoxed by Monday’s presidential debate? Still trying to cope with the endless stream of angry opinions and stubborn rhetoric showing up in your social media feeds?

Here’s something a little different to throw into the mix: a study that suggests the top places to buy a home in the Atlanta area (and beyond) based on your political party. Because solace lies in a likeminded herd, right?

Atlanta-based — a real estate services site for consumers — did some digging into this pressing, topical matter. Although Georgia is predominantly a Republican state — trending red in the past six presidential elections — there are neighborhoods in metro Atlanta (and beyond) that are more "blue-friendly" than others.

Below is a list of areas to consider if you’d like to be surrounded (for the most part) by those who share your political viewpoints. Brace for a few surprises.

Five places to buy a home if you’re a Republican:

  • Alpharetta: 29 percent Democrats; 71 percent Republicans
  • Johns Creek: 29 percent Democrats; 71 percent Republicans
  • Roswell: 29 percent Democrats, 71 percent Republicans
  • Sandy Springs: 36 percent Democrats; 64 percent Republicans
  • Brookhaven: 36 percent Democrats; 64 percent Republicans

And, five places to buy a home if you’re a Democrat:

  • Smyrna: 47 percent Democrats; 53 percent Republicans
  • Athens: 68 percent Democrats; 32 percent Republicans
  • Dunwoody: 41 percent Democrats; 59 percent Republicans
  • Marietta: 40 percent Democrats; 60 percent Republicans
  • Atlanta: 72 percent Democrats; 28 percent Republicans

According to, for each of the 10 selected areas, voter registration data from the 2016 Presidential Primary was used to determine percentage of Democratic voters and Republican voters.