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In Ormewood Park, this cute, custom bungalow is commanding $446K

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“This is THE ONE buyers wait for,” proclaims agent

If there was such a thing as a Cute Score, in the vein of walkability-o-meter Walk Score, what mark would this revamped 1935 cottage in Ormewood Park earn? Maybe a 95? Or an A+ 105 (with the backyard playhouse, custom built-ins, and vibrant green touches being extra credit)?

In any case, this three-bedroom bungalow near the future Beltline Southside Trail hits the so-called sweet spot for large, hungry herds of Atlanta homebuyers.

The agent calls it "tidy," "arty," "adorable," and "THE ONE buyers wait for in Ormewood," and it’s Exhibit A that nearly a half-million bones doesn’t necessarily buy a tri-level intown sprawler anymore.

Asking $445,900, the house counts 1,596 square feet and two bathrooms. On the plus side, home shoppers will find three outdoor options for lounging and dining, including a backyard fire-pit area and al fresco front-yard dining arrangement.

The awesomely whacky, Burton-esque playhouse around back comes with, unless buyers prefer it to be removed.