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Atlanta rapper claims bonkers Buckhead party palace

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Young Thug can throw one helluva indoor pool party now

Eccentric Atlanta recording artist Young Thug — aka Jeffery Lamar Williams — has apparently taken up residence in a 16,800-square-foot mansion near Lenox Square with an interior party zone like no other.

Recently remodeled, this 10-bathroom, tri-level palace of gaud is chockfull of marble, swirly railings, indoor palms, and massive chandeliers that would befit the lifestyle of a 25-year-old recording-industry sensation.

Young Thug’s Instagram account suggests he’s been properly christening the place, declaring, "Bought my first house" while raining bills into the indoor pool.

Further evidence comes from Curbed Atlanta tipster "Mike," who reports: "(I’ve) seen him outside of the house for the past few days. Lots of luxury cars in driveway constantly."

When it comes to social interior spaces, the home’s solarium might be unrivaled in the Atlanta market:

Whether Young Thug actually purchased the home is unclear.

Records indicate the price was dropped to $2.75 million last month, and Zillow data show the home was pulled from the market last week — and is being rented for $15,000 per month.