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Relics of Midtown Atlanta past falling for high-rise near Piedmont Park

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Plans: Residences from the early 20th Century will be torn down on 13th Street for another new apartment tower

At the turn of the last century, Midtown was a residential area, remote from the bustle of downtown business and filled with mansions and large homes for monied Atlantans.

A business boom transformed Midtown into a sea of parking lots dotted with office towers through the latter decades of the 1900s, erasing much of the small-scale residential fabric within the blocks around Peachtree Street.

Now, the city's current development boom is bringing residents back to the neighborhood in record numbers, with residential towers rising left and right.

But in bringing new density to the area, some of the last remaining single-family and duplex-type developments in the block between Piedmont Avenue and Juniper Street are being torn down. For better or worse.

Lennar Multifamily Communities is moving forward with a 27-story apartment tower between Juniper Street and Piedmont Avenue on 13th Street, according to BisNow. The 310-unit tower will replace small apartment buildings long past their prime, which have stood on the street since the 1920s.

Not much in the way of details is available about the proposal, aside from a sketchy pencil rendering.

The building is coming to the same super block that contains the nearly completed YOO on the Park. It would join Azure on the Park and Alta at the Park, to bring more than 1,000 rental units to the edge of Piedmont Park.