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Developers release progressive vision for 350 Memorial Drive in Grant Park

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Planned 36,000-square-foot build to incorporate new and old; no on-site parking planned

Designers and developers of a proposed modern-style structure at 350 Memorial Drive recently provided Curbed Atlanta with further details about the project, which could include a mix of uses.

Replacing Harp Transmission Service, which has operated on the site for more than four decades, the planned 36,000-square-foot development is located next door to Oakland Cemetery. It's among some 30 projects on Memorial Drive — from downtown to several miles east.

According to info provided by Clark Property R+D — which has partnered with Pellerin Real Estate on the project — the development team is proposing to restore the former Harp Transmission building and "build around and over [it] with a mix of uses to activate the Memorial Drive Greenway and adjacent Oakland Cemetery."

The project aims to enhance existing public land through "park-oriented and pedestrian-friendly development to provide a mix of restaurant, professional, cultural, and entertainment space to generate activity from daytime through evening," officials said.

The first floor will include public/private space with family-friendly food and beverage as well as "neighborhood retail." Upper floors will include office and event space.


"The urban design of the building itself is meant to define and activate the edges of the block and create a pedestrian promenade on George Street that bleeds through the common corridor of the building. The architectural design combines the old and new by preserving the Harp Transmission building and juxtaposing against a complimentary but distinct new addition."

There will be no on-site parking, "due to its transit-oriented location and ... being located in the Greenway."

John Bencich, founding principal of Square Feet Studio, the project’s designers, described it as "a pavilion in a park ... the roof unifies everything underneath including the repurposing of the Harp Building as a restaurant, the activation of the George Street Promenade, and the addition of supportive retail at the ground floor connecting the park and street."

The project is currently in the planning and design phase, which is expected to continue through late 2016.