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At $325K, revamped Old Fourth Ward bungalow unsold after 6 months

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Price-chopped property debuted in hot market back in March

Just off Decatur Street, in the Old Fourth Ward’s southern fringes, this revamped circa-1920 bungalow is still seeking a buyer after six months, which could furrow foreheads in a district long touted as Atlanta’s hottest.

Boasting a sterling 90 Walk Score (likely owing to King Memorial MARTA station proximity) and three bedrooms, this place listed before St. Patrick’s Day at $339,000. The only action since has been a July price-drop of $14,000. (Some records indicate a deal or two may have combusted). So the going rate is now $325,000.

The front porch makes it clear this house is aiming for a touch of modern flair with a century-old shell. The square footage isn’t listed, the promotional photos are scant, and the listing spends far more time flaunting the location — "Save your gas and enjoy the convenience of living in Historic Old 4th Ward" — than the home’s attributes.

Another thing: Either the dining-room chandelier is creating photo glares, or this place is haunted by a swarm of tiny specters.