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State Farm wrapping exterior work on glitzy, glamorous, glassy HQ

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MARTA-adjacent, high-rise hub is bringing access, fresh aesthetics to Perimeter Center

For years, Perimeter Center has been progressively shaking its suburban mall-centric reputation in favor of high-rise development and density.

One of the most transformative projects of late is State Farm's massive new corporate headquarters in Dunwoody, practically straddling the border with Sandy Springs.

Work is wrapping up on the sleek, yet highly finessed, glass tower. The 22-story structure, intended to consolidate operations for the company and bring thousands of employees under one roof, is architecturally interesting and provides cool aspects such as roof terraces and solar fins.

The building represents a dramatic shift in suburban development in Atlanta; it's being built not only adjacent to a MARTA station, but with direct access to serve as an incentive for employees in the tower to utilize public transit.

Time will tell if State Farm's embrace of good design and mass transit will inspire other companies and developers in the area, and across the metro. But if plans materialize for High Street — intended to rise just across the street from State Farm — and the large mixed-use tower development one MARTA station to the north, this car-centric district could really be making a statement to the region.