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$700K Buckhead traditional succeeds in exorcising the 1980s

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For the most part, that is

For families without million-dollar budgets who are looking to crack the Buckhead nut and enjoy the splendors of celebrated elementary schools, this revived traditional residence from 1981 could be a beyond-turnkey option.

Positioned in North Buckhead near Ga. Highway 400, this four-bedroom with an exterior style that could be called Greek Revival Ranch is touted as being lifted "right out of the pages of Veranda/Meticulous home." It has 2,632 square feet and a $700,000 price tag.

Beyond the facade, room after room reveals a smart purging of Reagan-era design, from the top-flight kitchen with its pretty butcher-block counters (and eight-seat capacity if you really squeeze 'em in), to the great room with a customized media center, and the generous flagstone patio.

Other perks include the screened patio, pro landscaping, and guaranteed entrée into Sarah Smith Elementary School, per the listing. In a perfect world, the swing-set would stay, too.