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8 months later, Atlanta architect’s personal paradise lands contract

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Two price-chops spelled a $225,000 discount (at least) for “one of the finest homes in Buckhead”

Despite its exceedingly beautiful elements and billing as one of Buckhead’s choicest properties, this ginormous Tudor hasn’t exactly been besieged with offers.

The 2006 creation and personal home of architect Tim Adams, of T.S. Adams Studio, this 6,000-square-foot sprawler boasts a saline pool, bountiful rich woodwork, and more than a few olde worlde touches. The result is what the listing calls a "masterpiece."

The property listed just before Thanksgiving at $2.25 million. Two discounts later, it stood at $1.99 million in May.

The contract, still pending, finally came along at the end of July, according to Zillow. That number is private for now, of course.

For whatever reason, earlier sales attempts for as low as $1.5 million didn’t materialize either in recent years. But that was before the pool.