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Survey: Atlanta renters give city an overall B+ rating

Study’s national director observes, “This city seems to be especially popular for young renters.”

Despite well-publicized rent hikes, a noticeable increase in traffic across the city, and the frequency of comments-section tirades, the renting legions of Atlanta are generally very happy with their metropolis of choice, a recent survey suggests.

For their second annual Renter Satisfaction Survey, the service site Apartment List polled 30,000 of an estimated 105 million American renters from coast to coast. It’s not clear exactly how many renters from Atlanta weighed in with grade-school-esque A to F ratings, but those who did seemed fairly pleased with their Big Peach lifestyles.

Interestingly, nothing in The A actually scored an A, but overall satisfaction came in with a respectable B+. The city’s three other highest ratings (all B+) were for cost of living, state and local taxes, and that luscious Sunbelt bread-and-butter, weather.

In the eyes of renters, Atlanta earns a B for access to both parks and major roads/freeways, the survey found.

Scoring the lowest ratings (all C+) were commute times (duh), safety, quality of local schools, and pet friendliness.

"Atlanta renters expressed general satisfaction with the city, with average or above average scores across most categories," Andrew Woo, Director of Data Science at Apartment List, said in a release. "This city seems to be especially popular for young renters."

To that point, millennial renters gave the ATL an A- for overall satisfaction. Renters who are parents were less enthused, offering a C overall.

From a regional standpoint, Nashville renters seem equally happy (B+ overall) as their Atlanta brethren, while Savannah and Charlotte scored a notch above (A-).

Here’s what a few semi-anonymous Atlanta renters had to say, per Apartment List:

Toni G. — "I love how convenient/close it is to get anywhere but the traffic is always bad at all times of the day."

Stefanii — "Atlanta is the land of opportunities. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. The city isn’t too big or too small. Although the weather is so bipolar."

Yvonne S. — "I appreciate the cost of living in my city…Since I am a senior, my income seems to go further, primarily because of lower taxes and rents, especially with the amenities you receive at many of the rental properties."

How cities rated across the land:

Atlanta’s results, illustrated: