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For $425K, Decatur midcentury modern is touted as ‘delicious’

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Creative updates do abound with this 1956 contemporary ranch

For midcentury modern enthusiasts who also like pizzazz, this 1956 Decatur property probably checks a lot of wish-list boxes: Japanese maple. Boldly painted doors. Ample carport. Zen rocks. Deliciousness. All checks.

Wait ... deliciousness?

That’s right, the listing slaps the all-caps adjective "DELICIOUS" on this three-bedroom pad in a subdivision called Creek Park Hills, tucked in that rolling, forested section of big ITP lots near Toco Hills.

Beyond the scrumptious exterior, with its delectable patios, one finds a yoga-ready 1,766 square feet inside, with some seriously creative updates (see: bathrooms) and other facets described as European (see: kitchen cabinetry). And what’s yummier than Euro anything, right?

Like the bathroom count (2), the home isn’t huge, but in today’s market, the $425,000 asking price could be an appetizing entree into this part of town.