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Photos: Masquerade, Murder Kroger sites rapidly transforming

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Along the Eastside Trail, new projects are quickly changing neighborhoods

A crane stands above a construction site where concrete columns are rising.
Construction at the former site of the Masquerade.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Construction is going gangbusters along the Eastside Trail around North Avenue.

Yes, 2016 claimed two timeworn institutions at the intersection — the Masquerade and Murder Kroger — but 2017 is swiftly filling in the sites with new investment.

On the site of the old Masquerade, columns for the new apartments behind the historic Excelsior Mill are rising. Plans call for more than 200 rentals to snuggle between the Beltline and Historic Fourth Ward Park, while the mill becomes a food hall.

Meanwhile, across the Beltline, crews made quick work of demolishing the nefarious, suburban-style Kroger store to make way for 725 Ponce. The development will bring an office tower to the site, providing more work space for the in-demand submarket.

Masquerade may be gone for good (well, at least from the neighborhood), but Kroger will return to the base of the 725 Ponce development.

While work is chugging along, expect the area to be buzzing with cranes and heavy equipment for the near future. Construction on both projects is expected to stretch well into 2018.