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Fox Theatre’s swanky ‘Marquee Club’ memberships will start at $2,500

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Midtown institution’s 10,000-square-foot expansion on target to open in fall

In Atlanta, southward views from the Fox’s under-construction rooftop terrace.
Southward views from the Fox’s under-construction rooftop terrace.
Renderings: Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre’s largest expansion in nearly a century will add an exclusive, personalized facet to the Midtown institution — and now they have the prices to prove it.

In a press release today announcing a seven-year partnership with (fittingly) Lexus, official said the theatre’s membership-based Marquee Club is scheduled to debut this fall with three levels of refined leisure space.

But enjoying the club’s concierge services, private restrooms, and enhanced food and beverage options (think: passed and displayed hors d’oeuvres and bars that’ll have your pre-ordered drink waiting on you at intermission) won’t be for the light of wallet: Non-corporate memberships to the Marquee Club will start at $2,500 per year, while corporate ones begin at $10,000.

Two of five Marquee Club bars.

Non-member, per-event admission will be available on a limited basis at rates “comparable to event ticket prices and based on availability,” officials said. It wasn’t clear if the cost of drinks will be included in membership fees.

The expansion — “The Marquee Club presented by Lexus,” that is — will feature 10,000 square feet of Moroccan-inspired space and three rooftop spaces. It’ll be open before and after events, and during intermission.

Inside one Moroccan-themed lounge.

Announced in September, the club will draw from the Moorish design of the theater and feature intricate carved panels, plush fabrics, and jewel-toned hues. The five bars will be spread throughout the three-level space, with one bar at street level, one on the mezzanine, and three on the rooftop.

The setup will provide public access to the Peachtree Street terrace for the first time in 50 years — and another elevated, outdoor carousing option for Midtown.

Can’t have too many of those.

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