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Midcentury ranch near Lindbergh has mad potential for $420K

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Fixer-upper has quirks, inimitable charm

A midcentury modern home for sale in Atlanta for $420,000.
A quintessential MCM roofline.
Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown

Midcentury-modern enthusiasts who don’t mind swinging hammers could find a lot to love with this quirky but charming 1964 ranch between Morningside and Lindbergh.

The property from the back, where a little landscaping and patio work could get the party started.

Tucked between Cheshire Bridge Road and Interstate 85, the 1,300-square-foot property somehow offers four bedrooms and several MCM hallmarks.

For instance: It has the slanted ceilings, exposed beams, prominent brick fireplace, and large window groupings that frame a leafy backyard. As is, the kitchen flaunts checkerboard floors and, to make purists happy, cabinetry that just might be original.

It’s no surprise the place has idiosyncrasies beyond the framed Bowie portrait beside one toilet and the live dog in a bed. There’s a suspended ceiling that should probably go, a pleasant sunroom cluttered with a jungle, and a carport functioning as an outdoor living room.

The entire (and entirely brief) listing description goes as follows: “Very Cute, Very Well-Maintained mid-century ranch. a Terrific Intown location. Shops, stores, restaurants, parks; everything nearby. Very quiet, private street.”

It’s the second time in a month a midcentury property in this immediate area has listed for exactly $420K, as if the prices are a wink-wink inside joke among neighbors with munchies. But that’s conjecture.