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At Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta, throwback village is rising

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Tucked between Cheshire Bridge, Piedmont Road, and I-85, formerly industrial area is going single-family

A sign for the development stands in front of new houses evoking old-town style.
Homes in the Manchester development are starting at more than $400,000.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

To the north of the intersection of Piedmont Road and Cheshire Bridge Road, tucked beside Interstate 85 and the Buford-Spring Connector, sits a small district filled with old industrial buildings, a concrete plant, and a smattering of older homes.

Simultaneously in the middle of a bustling area, and yet somehow seemingly removed from the commotion, new village-like developments are rising here on former industrial sites.

As nearby Cheshire Bridge Road cleans up its act, this area appears to be in high demand.

One project, Manchester, is well underway, bringing townhouses and single-family homes — more than 100 new residences total — to the neighborhood. According to the project’s website, most of the homes are already sold — a testament to the desirable location, apparently.

Just down the street, fences and a notice of rezoning have gone up, indicating that Beazer Homes is planning to bring a development to the area as well.

With the two projects green-lighting, it seems inevitable that a stalled development — a relic of the Great Recession’s bust — located between the two will soon gain steam again.