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In Doraville, ‘Assembly’ to receive $300-million boost

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Development is slated to ramp up at former automotive plant in coming months

More than two years ago, ambitious plans were revealed for the redevelopment of the sprawling former GM assembly plant in Doraville at the edge of the Perimeter.

Known as Assembly, the Integral Group development was slated to bring residential, office, and retail uses anchored by a large production studio. Following demolition in the summer of 2015, work started on the transformation.

However, since then, the project has been more stop than go.

Now, according to the Saporta Report, the developer is planning to lead-foot the accelerator in coming months with nearly $300 million in investment flowing into the project. That’s not chump change; it’s in the ballpark of what Ponce City Market’s renovation cost.

Much of the investment in 2017 will be for infrastructure, including new streets to connect the large site into the surrounding neighborhoods, the site reports.

Additionally, office space will start to be constructed to accommodate tenants who have agreed to fill more than one million square feet.

With a site so large, work to complete the entire vision presented in 2015 will take more than a decade and at least $1.5 billion, officials say.

But, in the meantime, the start of work again on the site is good news for a project that looked as though it could be quashed just six months ago.