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In Kirkwood, new agent lists personal ‘flawless’ bungalow; offer tsunami ensues

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Activity proves strong interest in Atlanta for non-McMansions, industry greenhorn says

A bungalow that recently fetched a $455,00 contract in Kirkwood Atlanta.
Behold flawlessness.
Photos: Keller Knapp Realty

Newly christened real estate agent Alison Bahm grudgingly brought her first listing to market — because it was her personal home. To get her business off the ground, she candidly says, her options were either parting with her beloved 1951 bungalow or starting a meth lab.

So far, so good, Bahm says.

The entertainer’s floorplan with instructional wall art.

The Kirkwood property “was inundated with interest and offers before I was even able to get her ready for her closeup,” Bahm reports.

What worked? The home’s size, price, and an overall dearth of inventory, she says. It didn’t hurt that the bungalow, in her eyes, is absolutely impeccable.

Beyond the relentless braggadocio — Bahm calls her home “flawless,” “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “super cute” in the span of one email, often tongue-in-cheek — she says a point was made by this recent activity.

As with neighborhoods across Atlanta, “there are plenty of huge 5/4s going up all over Kirkwood in the $600,000-high [and] $700,000 range, but a dearth of inventory that's beautiful ... and still affordable,” she writes.

Concerns that her finished, daylight-filled basement would somehow be a hindrance didn’t materialize, and Bahm says the home is under contract for asking at $455,000.

Punctuated by a too-cool screened porch and artfully renovated master bathroom, the four-bedroom, two and 12 bathroom home counts an even 2,100 square feet and one fairly huge backyard.