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Atlanta’s Fifth District poll: How do you feel about living here?

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President Elect’s putdown triggers outrage, satire, deep thought across city

This is Midtown’s Piedmont Park on Saturday in Atlanta.
This is Midtown’s Piedmont Park on Saturday, when the ish was hitting the fan.
Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta

It’s not every day the world’s most powerful government official (or soon to be) calls your city a crime-ravaged hellhole. And fittingly, over a long weekend that celebrated one of the city’s most iconic sons, Atlantans responded in a way that caught the attention of the nation.

To briefly review, President Elect Donald Trump tweeted the following late last week, and by this point, we all understand the context:


The response was swift and loud. Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District covers a wide, populous swath, after all, stretching from Buckhead to northern Clayton County, from the Decatur area to Bankhead and beyond.

Atlanta media and ubiquitous social media responded to the tweeting President To Be’s putdown with thoughtful commentary, a satirical news report, a popular hashtag #defendthefifth, and a nationally recognized front-page headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that read simply: “Atlanta to Trump: Wrong.”

Atlantans quoted in news stories over the weekend — out walking dogs and jogging during a long, balmy weekend of nearly record-high temps, which tends to enhance mood — pretty much universally declared the Fifth District an urban utopia where wages balloon, crime happens rarely, and children skip to school by themselves.

But we have yet to hear from the people en masse.

In the interest of highly scientific research, we’ve assembled the following poll to let the Fifth District tell the world how it really feels:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

223 Perimeter Center Parkway, Dunwoody, GA 30346 404 526 5151