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Concrete condo in Old Fourth Ward offers unique aesthetic, choice locale for $230K

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Custom accents and city view are pretty spectacular, for those who can tolerate bunker aesthetics

Concrete walls and ceiling with dark hardwood floors, modern furniture and large windows.
Heavy on the concrete overall, but the wall of windows makes the unit bright.
Bedgood & Associates

The Tribute Lofts at the edge of Old Fourth Ward and downtown are damn near the swankiest digs on Boulevard, but there’s a catch: a love of concrete is a must.

For those who don’t mind the cool grey aesthetic — and who’re in the market for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo — newly listed unit 609 is pretty stellar.

With wide plank hardwoods, a dazzling wood feature wall at the front entry, a big balcony, and wall-to-wall windows, the storm-drain-like construction almost fades to the back.

Then again, not many storm drains have a minimalist European kitchen, views of the downtown skyline, and access to a rooftop saltwater pool (albeit tiny). And beyond the unit itself, the building’s location — situated along Freedom Parkway — is perfect for a quick bike ride to the Beltline or downtown via the adjacent PATH trail.

Listed for a hair over $230,000, the sixth-floor unit is relatively sizable at 960 square feet. With a great location and a ton of style, this concrete bunker unit could move fast.