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Memorial Drive corridor institution to fall for more apartments?

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Where Grant Park meets downtown, Nick’s Food to Go could soon, well, go

A white-painted one-story brick commercial building sits at the corner.
Nick’s Food to Go on the corner of MLK Jr. Drive and Hill Street.
Google Maps

A popular Atlanta restaurant and old industrial building could be the next targets of the mixed-use takeover on the Memorial Drive corridor just east of downtown.

According to a tipster, Nick’s Food to Go — a longstanding, family-operated Greek take-out shop — and the adjacent Conklin Metal Industries building will likely be replaced by luxury apartments with possible retail onsite.

The tipster goes on to say that Nick himself revealed he will be closing the doors of his eatery, which has been a neighborhood institution since opening in 1994. And deeds reflect that the property is being sold, we’re told.

The restaurant doesn’t appear to have announced a closing online. We’ve reached out to management and will post any updates.

It stands to reason that the current owner of the building, John Milton Azar — of the former Azar’s Liquor Store, which is being replaced by the six-story George apartments — is selling the site to be included in the apartment development.

The restaurant (right) and Conklin Metal Industries building last year.
Google Maps

The Memorial Drive Corridor — including the few blocks of MLK Jr. Drive east of the Connector — is going through a major renaissance, with more than two dozen projects bringing new life to the formerly industrial-heavy corridor.

No word on any estimated timeline for development.

A closer view of the brick warehouse.
Google Maps