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Buckhead midcentury modern is price-chop central, but why?

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Five bedrooms — and nine discounts since last summer

A midcentury modern home for sale in Buckhead, Atlanta.
Crickets ...
Chapman Hall Realtors

Does this Buckhead home, long adrift in listings purgatory, represent a case of midcentury modern purists revolting? Maybe so.

A quick recap: Records are a little foggy, but this five-bedroom built in 1967 in the Margaret Mitchell neighborhood appears to have sold in the $740,000 range in 2014.

It listed last June for 100 bucks shy of $900,000 and within weeks began a series of nine incremental price-chops.

The latest adjustment last week puts the home at apparent 2014 levels — $739,900. With more than 4,800 square feet and strong curb appeal. What’s up with that?

Could the issue be that, inside, the property has been purged of virtually all its midcentury-ness, with the exception of angular windows, vaulted ceilings, and the occasional groovy skylight? It’s tough to argue the interior isn’t exceedingly nice, if not lavish, but certainly not MCM distinctive anymore.

Perks include the eye-catching, line-graph roofline, a generous stone patio, basement media room with wet bar, two-car garage (not pictured) and the fact it occupies a forested half-acre with easy access to Interstate 75.

Maybe it’s just too gray.