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For Atlanta Falcons stadium, Northside Drive bridge visuals revealed

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Design competition entry allows Atlantans to see what the multi-million dollar bridge could look like

A rendering shows a view through the reflective tunnel, with diamond aluminum panels wrapping around.
The bridge would be covered in perforated aluminum panels, creating a tunnel of filtered light.

While much has been said recently about the costly bridge proposed to link Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Vine City MARTA Station, few details have emerged about the actual design of the serpentine structure.

But now, additional information on the origins of the curvy design and what it may ultimately look like has come to light thanks to the unbuilt work’s nomination for a World Architecture News design award.

The snake-like bridge, first revealed in late 2015, would stretch across Northside Drive.

Drawings show the curvilinear creation providing curated views of surrounding landmarks and the downtown Atlanta skyline.

While the mayor is an ardent supporter of the proposal, critics have lambasted the bridge as an expensive boondoggle-in-waiting that will only be used during sporting events.

Nonetheless, according to Atlanta INtown, the Atlanta City Council has already approved $12.8 million for the design and construction of the bridge, even though the actual cost is yet to be revealed.

The Northside Drive bridge is not the only controversial expensive bridge proposed for Atlanta; recently a unique, though slightly less ostentatious bridge concept was revealed for Moreland Avenue at Freedom Park.