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NFL: Atlanta can’t open Georgia Dome for massive Super Bowl party

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Instead, ATL gets a pep rally

The Georgia Dome as pictured in the 1990s.
A fresh Dome in the 1990s.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was all about opening the Georgia Dome for one more massive football event on Super Bowl Sunday — until Draconian NFL overlords put their foot down.

Earlier this week, Reed was pumped about the idea of hosting what would have likely been the largest sports viewing party Atlanta has ever seen:

Not so fast, said the NFL.

NFL rules apparently prohibit the city from telecasting the Atlanta Falcons-New England Patriots game — for so many people who could be at home boosting ratings.

As a sort of consolation prize, Atlanta City Hall is hosting a Falcons pep rally tomorrow morning, as Hizzoner announced on Twitter:

And while careful not to jinx anybody, the mayor offered this to 11Alive, regarding a potential Falcons victory in Super Bowl LI:

"I would love to have the biggest parade in the history of the city," Reed told the broadcast station. "The bottom line is we can definitely host a parade. I do have a route in mind. We're not going to be premature. We're not going to distract from the hard work the players are doing. We're just going to be humble and supportive. We're just going to root and be passionate about our team. We're not going to prejudge anything. We're going to let all our talking be done in Houston."

The Georgia Dome

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