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$4.5M Buckhead condo has ridiculously giant terrace, 360-degree Atlanta views

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Billed as “Ultimate Buckhead Penthouse,” modernized sky palace used to belong to Braves slugger Dan Uggla

A large modern condo in Buckhead with incredible views of Atlanta.
What — no helipad?
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s

The Buckhead penthouse made famous by an underperforming Atlanta Braves slugger is back on the market with a modernized new look — and astronomical listing price.

High atop the 10 Terminus building, this four-bedroom condo with an incomprehensibly, unforgettably ginormous terrace made waves three years ago when Dan Uggla put it on the market, prior to his being shown the door by fed-up Braves brass.

A brief history: Uggla had bought the place for $1.7 million in recession-era 2011 and offloaded it for $2.25 million three years later. Now, in addition to being noticeably less warm — and with fewer baseball art pieces — than the Uggster left it, many of the condo’s rooms appear to have undergone structural changes.

This elevated platform and faux garden is a new addition.

The new ask: $4.5 million. Plus roughly $2,200 in monthly HOA fees.

Granted, this renovation is hardly a Lowe’s spit-shine job. These 4,600 square feet now brandish designer finishes by brands like Axor, Lacava, Porcelanosa, and Casamood, all complemented by bleached European oak floors. The overall result is a rather simple if not stark palette of stunning quality.

It’s billed as “The Ultimate Buckhead Penthouse,” and that’s probably not hyperbole.

Some interesting numbers here: three different entrances; three storage areas; and four parking spaces.

But zero hot-tubs to compliment that outdoor kitchen in the clouds.