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The Curbed Cup ‘Neighborhood of the Year’ is East Atlanta!

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Proud eastside community edges College Park to claim the 2016 Curbed Cup trophy

What makes for a good “Neighborhood of the Year”? Motivation, community spirit, and good ol’ fashioned homer bias. East Atlanta clearly possesses all three.

In becoming the 2016 “Neighborhood of the Year,” this eclectic intown district was especially motivated, defeating not one or two — but three — former Curbed Cup champions en route to a nail-biter Finals with the tournament’s most valiant dark horse, College Park.

Voting remained open until 5 p.m. Monday, allowing Atlantans who may have been traveling (or working) after the long holiday break the chance to chime in.

East Atlanta won by capturing 50.6 percent of nearly 7,000 votes cast in the Finals — the highest voting tally of any Curbed Cup contest across the country this year. It was also the most votes for a single match in Atlanta history.

Yeah, that’s passion. A round of applause for both East Atlanta and College Park.

Obviously, East Atlanta had a big year in 2016. The regaled TV series Atlanta filmed scenes there. The Project Pabst concert series selected EAV as one of just four sites across the country for a rollicking show. Beautiful new homes fetched high prices before they reached the open market. The errant python problem was eradicated. And the community rallied in a big way to seek justice for one of its own.

So let's hear it for East Atlanta, your reigning Curbed Cup champion for the rest of 2017 (at least)! A heartfelt thanks to all Atlanta participants.


Pantheon of Champions:

2016: East Atlanta

2015: West End

2014: Reynoldstown

2013: Kirkwood

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2011: Inman Park