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Analysis: Median Atlanta 2-bedroom rentals cost $1,700 monthly now

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Meanwhile, median one-bedrooms command $1,350 these days

A graphic showing rents in January across intown Atlanta.
Midtown and company: not getting cheaper.

Renters of Atlanta who’ve noticed their wallets being a little lighter these days are probably not alone.

This month, the median price of one-bedroom apartments across Atlanta climbed by 1.5 percent to $1,350 — with rents in choice locations such as Peachtree Heights West and Inman Park costing far more, according to apartment rental site Zumper.

Meanwhile, two-bedroom units have inched up to $1,690. That’s a rise of $150 monthly in the past 14 months.

But in the grand scheme of things, the news might not be so dire as it seems.

Since a similar analysis in the fall, Atlanta rents overall have slipped — in a good way, for renters — by one slot to the 20th most expensive in the U.S. Not bad for a top 10 market, sure, but renting in Atlanta is more expensive than Dallas, a larger market, and red-hot western semi-competitor Denver.

The same researchers pegged ATL as the 15th most expensive rental city in 2015, which would suggest the suffering for renters is worse elsewhere. Still, few numbers are rosy for one-bedroom renters across Atlanta’s core. For example:

Median Midtown rents have risen $80 per month since the fall.

In Castleberry Hill, rents have climbed by $70 monthly in the same timespan. But at $1,270, they’re still relatively cheap.

Elsewhere, Home Park and Loring Heights — mostly quiet, leafy neighborhoods near Atlantic Station — have seen rents skyrocket by roughly 10 percent this winter. What’s up with that?

In terms of good news, the analysis indicates that deals can still be had in popular places such as Brookwood Hills, the Luckie-Marietta District, and Edgewood.

Here’s the broader view of 70+ Atlanta neighborhoods right now: