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At cusp of Beltline’s Westside Trail, Adair Park bungalow asks $260K

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Revived 1928 property “has all the bells and whistles”

A renovated 1928 bungalow in Atlanta’s Adair Park neighborhood.
The reintroduced front porch.
RE/MAX Metro Atlanta Cityside

Recently rescued from walled-in-porch purgatory, this charming Adair Park bungalow basically overlooks the Beltline’s under-construction Westside Trail, though the listing strangely makes no mention of it.

The vaulted living-room ceiling.

Here on Allene Avenue, the bones date to 1928, and from the open porch a buyer could watch the cyclists and dog-walkers stream to an access point for the multi-use path around the corner, which will supposedly be open for use by this fall.

Listed two weeks ago at $260,000, the home also sits a few blocks from the upcoming Lee + White redevelopment, neighborhood parks, and the West End MARTA Station.

The house as renovations commenced last spring.
Google Maps

With a footprint that could either be called economical or tight by Atlanta standards (1,782 square feet), the home manages three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and general openness, adorned with what the listing calls “all the bells and whistles.” That is, stainless steel, granite, hardwoods, and double vanities.

This place sold as recently as 2010 — in pre-renovated condition, obviously — for a scant $13,500. Last March, it went for $75,000.

When it comes to livable, single-family “workforce housing” in Atlanta — well, you’re looking at it. Though the property could probably benefit from a fence. And a rake.