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MARTA’s Lindbergh Center Phase 2 heading toward 2018 start

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Transit authority puts out call for offices, grocery store, restaurants, apartments, or even condos

An aerial view of the current development around Lindbergh Center.
An aerial view of the current development around Lindbergh Center.
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In the last two years, MARTA has been pushing the concept of transit-oriented developments to bring density to the parking lots that surround many of its stations.

While the concept may be taking off around Atlanta (and Avondale Estates) today, the idea is actually decades old. Remember that MARTA’s first TOD project was conceived back in 1997 at Lindbergh Center Station.

Now, the transit agency is gearing up to begin development of the second phase of that project.

A request for proposals was released at the end of last year to attract developers interested in bringing mixed-use structures to two sites with frontage along Piedmont Road in the southeastern flank of Buckhead.

According to the Saporta Report, the 1.2 acres could house any number of things, including more than 200 apartments, upwards of 40 condos offered at prices of between $200,000 and $300,000, more than 100,000 square feet of retail space, a grocery store, restaurants, and a 400-room hotel.

It’s unlikely all of that would be built, but it’s possible that development could include towers up to 20 stories.

The current transit connection.

Plans call for a long-abandoned Shoney’s, surrounded by surface parking, and a former MARTA police building to be demolished for the development. A pub that stands on the corner of Piedmont Road and Morosgo Drive is not included in the plans, though there are indications MARTA would like it to be.

When the first phase of Lindbergh was opened, many viewed the project as a failure. But over the years, development has grown around the area, hinting at the synergistic potential of private investment around MARTA stations.

Expect work to begin as soon as next year, with buildings being delivered in 2020.