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$595K Cabbagetown bungalow with meticulous updates snatched quickly

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Who says pre-Christmas is a bad time to list?

A restored bungalow with quintessential C-town curb appeal in Atlanta.
Quintessential C-town curb appeal.
Keller Williams

Per usual, there isn’t a single standalone house for sale in Cabbagetown that isn’t under contract right now, and when a neighborhood’s housing drought is that severe, violating traditional no-nos like listing during the holidays — and packing the house with Christmas decor, albeit tasteful — apparently doesn’t matter.

Especially when the property is genuinely vintage C-town and the restoration can accurately be called meticulous.

A Frisbee’s toss from Cabbagetown Park, this circa-1920 bungalow has landed not one — but two! — contracts since listing at $595,000 a few days after Thanksgiving. (It was pending four days after listing initially, but per Zillow that deal fell apart, and another contract came within two weeks).

Its combination of leafy backyard sanctuary, cozy front porch, rare garage parking, thoughtfully designed rooms, and a rather glorious (but single-sink?) master suite culminate in what the listing describes as “the wow factor you have been waiting for in Cabbagetown!”

Like the ubiquitous hardwood floors, wooden customizations in the kitchen are lovely, blending open shelving with pretty cabinetry doors.

Some upstairs spaces might require awkward head-tilting, but skylights help lend a sense of openness.

With four bedrooms and 2,640 square feet, the Estoria Street property last fetched an even $420,000 in 2010.