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In College Park, $385K lands a massively expanded bungalow

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Square footage plentiful here in Curbed Cup’s 2016 runner-up

The porch: one of three outdoor lounging options at this College Park Atlanta bungalow.
The friendly porch: one of three outdoor lounging options.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s

Since College Park came out of left field to make a serious run in this year’s Curbed Cup competition — climbing to runner-up honors after a close Finals with champion East Atlanta — it seemed an appropriate time to mosey a few minutes south of downtown and see what’s cracking on the CP real estate scene.

Right now, totally livable homes in Historic College Park, or within reasonable walking distance of the city’s restaurant hubs and MARTA station, run the gamut between the high $100,000s to this $799,000 executive showplace with a pending offer.

But for renovated houses that don’t skimp on size, the $300,000s appear to be a College Park sweet spot at the moment.

The upper-tier back deck.

For example: this Cambridge Avenue reimagining of a 1950s bungalow that spans more than 3,300 square feet and counts five bedrooms.

It listed a month ago at $385,000 and hasn’t budged.

The listing dispatches adjectives like “charming,” “elegant,” and beautiful, while touting the home’s proximity to the airport and MARTA, walkability to restaurants and a local park, and 1/2-mile distance to Woodward Academy.

Perks include the bi-level back deck, sociable porch, and sheer amount of space that’ll cost twice as much in myriad neighborhoods closer to Atlanta’s core.

Inside, the vaguely suburban feel is only exacerbated by the thickly carpeted (but cozy-looking) basement. Then again, it is a basement, which is an ITP rarity.

Plus: wet bar.